The 2013

Key West Bar Card

"Essential for anyone visiting Key West...
It's gonna save you a pile of money!"
Key West Bar Card

The Key West Bar Card
Earns the card-holder a buy-one-get-one free drink any time they visit any of 11 great Key West bars all year long.

The 2013

Key West Restaurant Card

"And the money goes to charity.
That's awesome!"
- Howard Livingston
key west Restaurant Card

The Key West Restaurant Card
Earns the cardholder a 10% discount off their meal any time they visit any of 13 great Key West Restaurants all year long.

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Key West Discount Cards are the best deals in Key West!
With the Key West Bar Card, you’ll get 2-4-1 drinks, of any drinks at our 15 participating bars in Key West! The Bar Card is much better than the standard 2-4-1 cards which limit you to cheap well drinks, draft beer or house wine. With these Key West Discount Cards you can drink what ever you like 2-4-1 once a day! (When you order your Bar Cards, ask us about the free Bar Stroll you can take as well! Drink 2-4-1 from the Atlantic to the Gulf at your leisure).
The Restaurant Cards will get you 10% off your meal at 16 different Key West eateries and when you get both Key West Discount Cards together, the Restaurant Card is only 7 bucks!